no deposit bonus forex 2020

While the no-deposit bonus is relatively rare on binary options sites, this form of promotion is more common on Forex brokers.

Some trading sites offer you a free no deposit bonus to test their platform in real conditions. Whether you are a beginner or simply want to try the platform for free, these bonuses may be of interest to you.

Although the bonuses offered are not enough capital to start trading seriously, they are free. They, therefore, allow you to try to make money provided by the Broker grow without risking your capital.

For traders who would simply like to test the Broker’s trading platform before switching to real money, please note that you can also open a demo account for free, which will allow you to trade with virtual money without limits.

To better understand the principle of the bonus, let’s explain: how to receive the forex no-deposit bonus offer? What are the best bonuses granted by Forex brokers? and what is the advantages of the no-deposit bonus forex?

No Deposit Bonus Forex

Forex is a vast world but is first and foremost the largest exchange in the world, every day billions of dollars are traded through the various platforms and is ‘one of the pillars of the global economy.

Before you get fully into the online market, several brokers offer you a free introduction to their platform. One of them, FBS, to name but a few, offer to give you a gift of $100 without having to deposit to your trading account. This sum is provided to you to enable you to make your first trades on the financial markets and to allow you to understand the different trading system and strategy.

It is not uncommon to see some traders never having paid a single cent to the brokers and to have made the most of the welcome gifts offered by the various market players. A way to start a business without taking the slightest risk and why not build up a small capital that will only grow over the months of activity that you will have with this operator.

Of course, the starting gift is not withdrawable from the platform. It will only be withdrawn after a certain number of winning or losing trades that you will make with the Broker and this without more conditions than those listed in the general terms of the Broker.

In addition to this gift without deposit, many brokers also offer you to trade virtually on the financial markets, this system will certainly serve you to discover the various tools available to you but will allow you to understand the multiple subtleties that a forex broker offers, namely how to set up winning trading methods, which is essential for the fluctuation of your capital.

How Tor Trade Forex Without Deposit

It is well known that trading on the exchange rates of the major currencies has a definite advantage. However, you need to have a minimum amount of experience before you can start trading and hope to make money without taking too many risks.

Being able to trade “for free” on the foreign exchange market, therefore, allows you to familiarize yourself with online trading and test different methods and strategies before you bet your own money.

The problem is that until recently, Forex brokers required their clients to make a minimum initial deposit before they could access the trading platform and thus start trading.

This is no longer the case today as two solutions allow you to start trading Forex without having to make an initial deposit. There are two different offers, one consisting of a free demo account, and the other one consisting of a bonus offered without depositing your part. Let’s find out more about these two opportunities together.

1. Free Demo Accounts

This is undoubtedly the solution most widely proposed by brokers, the vast majority of whom have this type of account. The principle of these “fictitious” accounts is simple since it is a question of putting you in real trading conditions by providing you with a virtual sum of money with which you can trade live on the foreign exchange market.

Everything happens as if you were trading as you are speculating on the real values of the currencies and in real market conditions. The only difference is, of course, that your profits and losses remain virtual, so you can neither make nor lose money.

The main advantage of demo trading accounts is that they allow you to gradually get to grips with the Broker’s platform before you start trading with your money. On the other hand, since the fictitious amounts available to you are quite large, you can test several different strategies to determine your trading rules and learn how to become a real trader.

2. No Deposit Bonus Forex

While demo accounts have been around for a long time, more recently, some brokers have started offering welcome bonuses to the public without requiring any prior deposit. These bonuses are, of course, minimal and vary from €5 to €30 depending on the Broker, but still, allow you to start trading and why not make a profit without risking losing money.

To take advantage of these free bonuses, you must first register with your Broker by filling in all your details. It is also advisable to pay attention to the conditions of use and withdrawal of this bonus since some of these offers hide a technique to make you invest money.